Man rescues 4 cute baby chipmunks after cyclone— Mother has a response no one was expecting


One of the most horrific scenarios a parent can face is losing track of their child in a dangerous or unknown environment. The same goes for animals, too. When any animal parent loses sight of their precious offspring, they become equally as anxious.

But what do you do when you find someone’s lost children—and you have no idea how to reach their rightful parents? After a terrible cyclone struck a neighborhood in India, a man named Peter discovered a chipmunk’s nest that had been knocked out of a tree next to his home. There were four terrified babies inside, and Peter knew he had to find their mother quickly if they had any chance of surviving. But how?

The man fed the baby chipmunks with milk using a syringe for almost four days, but then the mother chipmunk returned looking out for her babies. Seeing the desperate mother, he placed her babies outside his home, and what the mamma did next was absolutely heartwarming.

Watch the video to find it out yourself; it’s just beautiful!

People like Peter help make this world a better place. He knew how terrified the mother chipmunk was, and he did everything in his power to help!
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