Man Rescued Tiny Kitten Abandoned By Mother – Look At Her Today!


The poor kitten was bite-sized and frail.

Meet Sansa, a tiny kitten who had been pushed away by her mom. However, she was saved by a kind-hearted man who became her new cat guardian.

Sansa had been abandoned by her mother prior to her rescue. The man found her, named Alan, was shocked at how skinny Sansa was – she was merely skin and bones.

He decided to nurse her back to health, but it was tough as Sansa had refused to eat.

In Sansa’s case, her mother did not think she would survive, thus she rejected the kitten in order to focus on the rest of her litter. When Alan found Sansa, she was merely half the size of his foot. This meant than Alan was Sansa’s parent now. He had to feed Sansa with a bottle around the clock. He also bought her a bed, litter box, and plenty of toys to occupy herself with. As the weeks went by, Sansa started eating much better, and grew physically stronger than she was before.

Kittens usually stay with their mothers until they are about 10 weeks old. But if they are abandoned before that time comes, they usually have much lower chances of surviving on the streets.

It was believed that Sansa’s mother was unhealthy and underweight, thus she wasn’t able to nurse her entire litter. And Sansa was one of the weakest upon birth.

Female cats would even reject her kittens if she isn’t able to care for them. If she’s ill, either the entire litter of kittens or the weakest ones would get rejected as the maximum number of kittens one could nurse was only 8. Luckily for Sansa, she has a new family now!

A couple of months after Alan found Sansa, he decided to give her a companion: another calico cat. Sansa is no longer alone now – she has a little feline sibling to show the ropes to!

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