Man Reaches Into Groundhog Den – And Pulls This Animal Out


The animal had been stuck in there..

One afternoon, a man heard a sound coming from a small groundhog hole, and it was strange as groundhogs usually do not cry out like that.

He and his son inspected the hole and went closer, only to spot a black nose sticking out of it. Initially the man had assumed that it was a goat that had escaped from a nearby farm but then fallen in the hole.

Determined to help the mystery animal, the duo peered down the hole with some light. But it wasn’t a goat – it was a young fawn!

At first, the two men had attempted to pull the deer’s tiny body straight out, but it became clear that it was actually stuck deeper into the hole than they thought it was.

It gave out a loud cry of pain when they did so. They had no choice but to dig the deer out.

A lady watching nearby advised the duo to cover the deer with a blanket in order to keep off any dirt while they shoveled the underground roots of a nearby tree. While one pushed from one end, the other tugged with all of his strength.

Thanks to their teamwork, the fawn was successfully freed!

Watch the whole rescue happen below!

After the heroic deed, the tiny deer was then able to be returned to his mother, who had been panicking and stuck on what to do for her fawn – until both father and son arrived at the scene!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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