Man hits brakes to avoid hitting puppy on road, ends up rescuing 3 stranded pups

How did this even happen? Andrei Matei was driving home one relaxed afternoon, when suddenly, he spotted a tiny puppy darting across the road. He hit the brakes immediately to avoid running over the little one.


There was more than one puppy!

One afternoon, a man named Andrei Matei was driving back home after visiting his girlfriend, but a tiny animal dashed in front of his car.

He had to hit the breaks to avoid hitting the animal. Andei then realized that the animal was a puppy, and that it wasn’t alone.

There were two more puppies just by the side of the road! Rather than driving away, Andrei pulled over just in time to ferry the three puppies to somewhere safer.

Andei immediately stepped on his car brakes, and reversed his car so that he would not injure any puppy. He got out of the car, and was surprised to find three puppies in total, all jumping on him in an excited manner!

At first, the man had no clue on what to do with the puppies. Once he realized how friendly they were, he decided to drive them home first. He made sure they were safely tucked in, and drove them on a three-hour drive back home.

When he posted a picture of the puppies on Facebook, a friend of his suggested that Andrei contact his neighbor, Aura Vasile – as Aura was an experienced rescuer herself.

The post (edited) read: “Strange call this evening.. someone thought i have a rescue charity (well I don’t!) but after hearing that he found on the highway 3 little puppies – and he stopped to take them but doesn’t have where to keep them, I just couldn’t say no and we met at the vet clinic. 2 girls (black) and one boy (cream), approx. 2 months old, very skinny, but one of the girls weighs only 850 grams.”

Despite being abandoned by either their former owner or their mother, the three puppies were found to be in pretty good health. They just had some fleas and roundworms on them, which were easy to treat with de-worming tablets and a bath.

Turn out that the three little puppies were in Aura’s capable hands. Thanks to her social media reach, one post about the pups went viral, enabling her to raise funds to help take care of the puppies. Luckily, the puppies did not need much in terms of medication – all it needed was some food and pet supplies! Thank goodness!

Andei left after with Aura promising that all the pups will be fine and that she will be in charge of finding all of them new forever homes. He checked after one week on her Facebook page, and was extremely relieved to know that all three pups are now safe and happy – in new families!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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