Man Passes Nativity Scene, Notices ‘Baby Jesus’ And Dies Of Laughter

He noticed 'baby Jesus' and had to snap a photo!


Cats are one of the best animals to be around. Even though they consider themselves to be in charge and wish to be well fed whenever they feel the need to eat, we somehow still choose to satisfy their every whim. They have the power to control their humans the same way they choose them, because it’s a well known fact that people don’t choose cats, but cats choose their owners, and this belief can’t be more accurate. 

They want to be given a nice shelter, and in return they may even let you pet them on the head. Yes, cats are that generous.

These curious creatures can be quite stubborn and always under the limelight. Now that Christmas is just around the corner and people are decorating their homes as well as the towns and cities in the spirit of the holiday, one cat decided to take part in the process of decoration by replacing baby Jesus in a nativity scene.

When a passerby spotted the lovely cat laying in the manger with the statues of Joseph and Virgin Marry looking at him, he simply burst out laughing. 

The cat only tried to find a cozy and a comfortable place to rest, but honestly, it’s funny because the scene perfectly describes the way cats treat themselves, as the center of the Universe. 

Source: Facebook/Brooke Goldman

The cat’s face is grumpy, but he made the faces of everyone who saw his pictures smile. 

Apparently, this isn’t the first tabby cat to be laying in a manger. According to a Facebook user, these cats were part of the original scene, when baby Jesus was born. 

“There is a legend on why tabby cats have a M shaped mark on their foreheads. Supposedly it was a purring tabby that soothed a baby Jesus to sleep and Mary blessed all tabbies by placing the letter M on their foreheads, so this pic reminds me of that beautiful legend.”

Inspired by the photos, other cat owners decided to share photos of their fur babies sleeping in the manger and stealing the show. 

Source: Facebook/Estrellita Luna Jauregui

Nothing would stop a cat to take a nap at their favorite place in the house. Not even the Christmas decorations. 

Source: Facebook/Kara Fleming Jacobs

One person even caught her cat contemplating his placement in the nativity.

He noticed the new decoration in the yard and had to investigate it. I mean you can’t put something in a cat’s yard and expect him not to be curious about it, right? Apparently, he approved, because it is still standing.

Source: Facebook/Cheryl Dahl

Despite being self-centered, cats can be caring as well. Of course, it only happens when they themselves like to, but still, we get to get a cute ‘meow’ and a nice hug every once in a while.

Most cats have sassy attitude and live their life to the fullest, the way they choose to. Taking occasional naps and being well fed might be the ultimate type of life they will ever wish for. 

They simply do whatever they want. And if they choose to replace Jesus, they will. Well, I guess these cats owners shouldn’t be at all mad at their little ones because none of them ruined the Christmas decorations, they only wanted to be part of it. 

Now you don’t have to worry about your Christmas tree because they are not a thing for the cats any longer as long as there is a manger that is way more eye catching. So make sure you keep your nativity scene decorations safe until cats find another decoration more appealing.

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