Man Moves Away Leaving His Dog Behind Because He Has No More Use For Her


Rubble was left scared, alone, and confused when her owner picked up and moved to California, leaving her behind in a small mesh kennel. Now, she’s looking for a home that will love her forever.

A man picked up and moved to California leaving his dog behind in a small mesh kennel. Rubble was scared and confused and left to fend for herself, and it was all because her owner felt he had no further use for her in his life.

Purchased for breeding purposes, the four-year-old American Bulldog had one job and one job only. And when she suddenly became unable to get pregnant, her owner no longer needed her. Rubble was left behind in Houston, Texas.

When the owner’s family heard of the abandonment, they tried contacting him several times with no luck. After many attempts, they called an animal rescue group.

The sweet girl was severely emaciated, covered in scabs, and seemed to be suffering from an eye condition. Whatever the case was, it was evident that Alyssa needed to get her to the emergency vet clinic immediately.

“When I first saw her, I was in shock, then got angry,” Alyssa told The Dodo. “I just wanted to hug her and make her feel better. I was very upset that she was sleeping outside with her skin looking so bad. My heart broke for her.”

Despite Rubble’s physical wounds, she was so grateful to be rescued and all she wanted was love.

“Rubble was in great spirits. She came to smell us and let us pet her,” Alyssa said. “She was such a friendly baby.”

Alyssa contacted A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue for help, and they were happy to do so, but first – she had to see a doctor. When she arrived at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, everyone was completely shocked at what they saw.

When she stepped on the scaled, the emaciated dog only weighed 44-pounds. An adult American bulldog of her age should between 80 and 100-pounds.

The vet staff placed Rubble on a treatment plan for her severe skin condition that was caused by malnutrition and fleas. She also suffered from eyelid entropion, which is a genetic condition in which the eyelids fold inward. She will require surgery to have it corrected.

Soon, another ‘Alyssa’ came to the rescue to take Rubble into foster care. Alyssa Staloch will take care of her until she has her eye surgery and has reached a healthy weight. Despite her rough start to life, all Rubble wants to do is show gratitude and affection.

“She is a very sweet girl who just wants to love,” Alyssa Staloch said.

There’s no doubt that after Rubble makes a full recovery, she will be the perfect dog for a family who is willing to love her back. Sometimes she has been deprived of for so long.

“She is in bad shape, but we know that she deserves a second chance to shine,” Jessica Russell, founder and president of A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue, said. “At the end of the day, every dog deserves a chance.”

Do you think you could provide this sweet American bulldog with the loving home she deserves? Contact A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue for more information and read more about her story below.

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