Man Left Highly Amused — After Watching Night Footage Of Kittens

He was so confused as to why his kittens were always asleep during the day, so he set up a camera to watch them. Here's what he found.


Now that’s funny!

Meet a well-known Animal activist named Chris Poole. He owns a popular YouTube channel, where he uploads various videos showcasing the daily ‘adventures’ of his two rescued cats, named Cole and Marmalade respectively. The channel boasts an impressive number of over 600,000 subscribers – which meant that these two young felines have many adoring fans!
One time, Chris decided to upload another video of a few stray kittens that had been newly rescued, instead of the former two. Chris initially had wondered why all of the kittens were always found to be extremely sleepy during the day, thus he had decided to observe them, with the help of technology. He cleverly installed a night vision camera in the kittens’ cage, and the plan was a success. The camera had very brilliantly, captured everything the young felines were doing once night falls.

As soon as the lights were shut off, the kittens became extremely alert and active. They were videotaped jumping around frantically and highly engaged in play. One of the kittens even tried to lick the camera! Another kitten was caught trying to climb out of the cage as well. The four kittens utilized a small cardboard box as a landing pad for their antics and aerial tricks.

However, as these four kittens were just rescued, they would need more time in order to adapt slowly and get used to having human company. Chris takes great care of them, and would continue to do so until they’re tame and ready to be put up for adoption.
“I’m sure you’ll agree that was some pretty funny stuff. These four cuties are still pretty feral. It’s going to take some time for them to get used to us big scary humans, but I’m confident that over time and with lots of TLC, they’ll learn to love us and we’ll get them ready to be adopted out into new forever homes,” Chris says.

Watch the video below!


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