Man Out in Kayak Hears Strange Splashing Behind His Kayak, Discovers The Most Heartbreaking Scene


The last thing you would expect while fishing is that a dog would swim up to your kayak. But, that’s exactly what happened to one man.

When people lose their dogs, it can be difficult to get over the pain. Since dogs are such an integral part of the family, having to say goodbye to them is comparably difficult to losing any other loved one.

It’s easy to forget, though, that the reverse is often true for dogs. Our furry friends truly do love us for all that we do for them, so when owners pass away, it’s hard for them to cope, too.

That was certainly the case for Barney the dog, whose owner was killed right before his eyes. What followed, though, was absolutely stunning.
He had a camera on his Hobie Adventure kayak just in case he was to happen to catch the “big one”. He, of course, wanted to get it on video just in case nobody believed him. And nobody would have believed what would happen that day either, so good thing his camera was recording it.

All of a sudden, while he was fishing, he spotted a brown dog swimming toward him. He wondered what a dog would be doing all the way out there, which was a half mile swim from land. He pulled him onboard and dries him off a bit witha ShamWow that he had in his kayak. The poor dog is shaking and appears to be injured. The man tries to reassure him then heads for shore to find the dog’s owner.

When they get to shore, the poor dog can barely walk and seems to have an injured paw. His savior calls his sister and it turns out that she andher kids are just down the beachand they arrive to pick up the dog and take him to the vet.

Fortunately, he has a microchip and they find his family. So, what was he doing out there in the water all alone? His family, the Chens, were in a horrible accident nearby that was caused by a drunk driver. Mother Chen was killed in the accident.

Their dog must’ve run away from the scene because he was so scared. Now, they’re all back together and he’s healing and helping them to heal from their loss.

Rory is a true hero for what he did. After returning the dog home, he suggested that anyone looking to help should donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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