Man finds his stolen dog while looking to adopt a new shelter dog

He's calling this the miracle of his life...

If you don’t believe in miracles, maybe this story will make you think otherwise. Sometimes when we are destined to have someone by our side, no matter if it’s a person or an animal, nothing really could set us apart.

This is the story of Dozer, a beautiful dog that went missing from his owner’s yard. No one really knew what happened to the dog. He simply vanished one day and Richard Brower suspected someone stealing it from him. The man was very sad. Dozer was his beloved dog of many years and now he was gone. 

However, a year and a half after this incident happened, Richard decided to open his heart and his place to a new four-legged companion who would want a forever home. He went online to Claresholm Rescue Society’s website to search for a dog, and that’s when he got the surprise of his life. There was a picture of Dozer there. Could he really be at the shelter? This was a real miracle. 

“It was the first post that came up, and Dozer was just staring me back in the face, looking pretty much like he did 18 months before, Richard told CBC News. “And my heart just kind of sank and I started shaking.”

Richard immediately reached to his father and asked him to stop by the shelter on his way home. He also instructed him to snap his finger once he was there, just to make sure it was really Dozer. The dog quickly went by Richard’s father’s side and sat next to him. That was what Dozer would do.

Everyone was crying tears of joy. This was the most emotional reunion the shelter’s staff has ever witnessed.  

Richard Brower with Dozer. Photo credit: Richard Brower


Dozer was missing for long 18 months. And then, some good Samaritan spotted him wandering on a farm only two hours away from Richard’s home. The person felt sorry for the dog and decided to get him at the local shelter. 

No one knew what really happened to 10-year-old Dozer, but the shelter’s employees said how he was in great shape when they brought him in. It was obvious someone took great care of him. He only spent a month at the shelter, after which Richard stumbled upon his photo. 

His owner says he is sad he wasn’t by his dog’s side for the time he was away, but they are now best buddies again.  

“It was just amazing when he got home. As soon as he got on the block, dad said his tail started wagging, and as soon as he pulled into the driveway I opened the door and he just flew right in and buried his head in my armpit and just started whining like a baby,” Richard told the Canadian broadcaster.

“Friends of mine, I mean, I have friends, we go out riding bikes together, some pretty big tough guys, and they were just bawling their heads off when they found out about Dozer.”

It’s amazing how these soulmates found each other again. 

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