Man dumps 9 puppies in a bush because he couldn’t sell them

What an awful thing to do!


After receiving an anonymous denunciation that someone was selling extremely sick dogs from a van, the RSPCA decided to investigate the situation. Mel Fisher, an association inspector, went where the van was last seen and was completely shocked by what she found.

Fisher discovered nine very frightened puppies, all of different breeds and ages.


“It was during a hot spell as they were panting and very quiet,” Fisher said in a press release.

The poor animals barely moved as Fisher approached. Knowing that they would need medical attention as soon as possible, the woman picked up the puppies and took them to a veterinarian’s office, before being transferred to the RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm Animal Center.


Once the pups were left in the scorching sun for so long, they were very sick. Shelter officials were worried that they could not survive.

“When they first arrived, they were lethargic and had diarrhea. We were very worried,” Fisher said.


Miraculously, all nine pups were able to recover. In a few weeks, they were acting like normal pups. They were called Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey and Norman.


All were adopted
Once all were completely healthy, the nine puppies were put to adoption. Fortunately, all dogs found a loving home. Now they are all safe and happy with their new families.


“He brings a lot of fun and love to our home,” said Gloria Westbrook, Jim’s new mother. “And he enriches our lives with laughter. He really is just a big teddy bear.”


Now the puppies have a dream life.

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