Man And Girlfriend Adopt Dogs From A Rescue – Instantly Turns Into A Nighmare

When Danny Dolneck and his girlfriend Christina Mill got a new apartment that allowed animals, they couldn't wait to adopt some puppies to add to their growing family. When they got them it turned…


When Danny and his girlfriend Christina moved into an apartment that allowed animals they were excited to adopt a puppy…or two.

The couple arrived at the pet store and instantly fell in love with two adorable little pups. They named the puppies Fenway and Riot.

Their joyous feelings only lasted a few hours, however. Before they even had a chance to get to know their new puppies, Fenway started acting strangely. Soon, Riot was showing the same symptoms.

Of course, Danny and Christina rushed the ailing pups to the vet right away, only to get the worst news ever. Both of the dogs have the dreaded Canine Parvovirus.

Parvo is a terrible intestinal virus that dogs are supposed to be inoculated against within the first six to eight weeks. It’s dangerously contagious and most times fatal.

Suddenly, Danny and Christina’s happiness had quickly turned into their worst nightmare.

The vet informed Danny that since they caught it early, the dogs had a chance. So Danny contacted Pawsafe, where they got the puppies,  to alert them that his dogs were infected with this disease.

You won’t believe Pawsafe’s reaction. They told Danny that the other dogs were no longer available, so there was no need for testing. They also wouldn’t help cover the funds of saving the dogs, but they will pay for cremation after he has them put down.

But wait, the group was not done there, either.

This “rescue agency” then had the nerve to call the vet and attempt to come and pick up the dogs. This group tried to steal the dogs back so they could put them down. Sounds like a Disney movie.

Sadly, that’s not all the agency lied about, either. After they told Danny that the other dogs were no longer available, he worried that might not be true.  To find out  he filled out another application for another puppy.

Fenway and Riot, they are in quarantine at the vet and receiving the best care possible.

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UPDATE: Sadly, Fenway has passed away due to the virus.

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