Mama Dog Was Dumped At Gas Station, Then The Perfect Person Stopped To Fill Her Tank

“As soon as I started pumping gas, I felt something lick me on the back of my knee, which scared me”


When Shannon Ackerman pulled into the gas station to fill up her gas tank she NEVER expected what happened next.

Being an experienced dog rescuer she had just been on a rescue of a Husky and her two puppies that were trapped in a pipe not far from the station.  Her gas light came on as she was making her way home.  As she got out to pump her gas she felt something on her leg.

“As soon as I started pumping gas, I felt something lick me on the back of my knee, which scared me,” Ackerman told The Dodo. “When I looked down, this sweet, sad German shepherd, who appeared to have just had a litter, was looking up at me with a look on her face like, ‘Can you please help me?’

She checked with the attendant he had just seen someone dump the dog out there and speed off.  He didn’t even have time to try to stop them.

Mercy, which is what they named the dog later was whimpering and trying frantically to get inside the car.  The problem for Ackerman was that her car was loaded with dog supplies and the other dogs she just rescued.  How could she leave Mercy behind?

She talked to the attendant and made arrangements to come back as fast as possible after she dropped off the other pups.  That ‘s when another rescuer, Whitney Hartman was still on the scene.

“She told me there was a German shepherd mom in the [gas station] parking lot, whining and trying to get into her car,” Hartman said. “Of course, I couldn’t leave her there, so I drove over.”

Hartman drove over to the gas station– Mercy was excited to see her. She hopped right into Hartman’s car as if she had been waiting for a ride.  Hartman then drove Mercy to her house.

She gave her a good meal and she had a good night sleep. The next morning, she drove Mercy to a new foster home, a home that specializes in German Shepherd care and rescues called Sauver Des Chiens.

“She is doing well,” Courtney Manske, communications director for Sauver Des Chiens, told The Dodo. “She’s a love and a very sweet dog. But she’s still … looking for her puppies. She’s so confused.”

Mercy is still waiting to find her fur-ever home but the rescue is hopeful the perfect family is out there for her.

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