Mailman’s favorite dog on route suddenly passes away – Dog’s owner leaves a heartfelt note behind

The mailman's heart was broken when he found the note saying his favorite dog passed away.


The bond between mailmen and dogs has always been a special one. Well, they either love each other a lot, or don’t get on well from day one. 


When it comes to German Shepherds, however, most people believe how they are overprotective and won’t let strangers enter their family’s territory, but that wasn’t the case with Gretchen and her favorite delivery guy, Fernando. 

Whenever he was on his route, he would stop to spend a minute or two with the playful dog that was eagerly waiting for her human friend. Gretchen wouldn’t stop looking at the window until he arrived. 

One day that looked like any other, Fernando got near Gretchen’s home and was surprised not to see her running towards him as she used to every single day. Instead of the dog, Fernando saw a note that said how sweet Gretchen passed away the previous day. 

The note was a thank you note for Fernando who had always been friendly and kind to Gretchen. The owner wanted to make sure that Fernando knew how much he meant to their dog. 

They even attached a bag of cookies and asked from him to give them to the other dogs on the street. 

Needless to say, this broke Fernando’s heart.

Fernando’s family would always hear stories of how he and Gretchen played each day, and the news of her passing touched the hearts of his whole family. His daughter was sad that her dad lost a valuable friend, but she found Gretchen’s owner’s note very sweet so she shared it on Twitter. Little did she know that the post would spread like a wildfire. 

In a matter of days, the heartwarming note had been seen by thousands of people and was retweeted around 180,000 times. 

Among the people who have stumbled upon the post was Gretchen’s owner. He knew how much Fernando loved the dog, and he felt like he had to share his thoughts, writing:

Fernando made the dog’s life more beautiful without even being completely aware of that. Now that Gretchen is gone forever, he will always miss her excitement that she showed whenever she saw him. 

This story is just another example that we should always be kind to everyone we meet, even animals, because we never know what impact we may leave on their life. 

This mailman’s kindness went a long way and warmed the hearts of everyone who learned how much he loved the dog he played with on his route. 

Gretchen was a senior dog when she got adopted from the shelter, and the last years of her life were filled with love thanks to her caring owners and this incredible mailman. 

Gretchen’s owner adopted another senior dog, and we hope it will become friends with Fernando too.

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