Mailman Lost His Dog; Doesn’t Expect the Friendship a Golden Retriever on His Route Offers

Moose is helping him heal.❤️


When it comes to our pets, many of us get so closely attached to them that we consider them more than family. We share with them our happiness and sadness and although they can’t show their affection and support using words, their actions witness of how much they love us. Therefore, losing them means losing part of our heart.

One mailman experienced the loss of his dog of many years and it seemed that nothing he did to overcome the sadness really helped him. He just couldn’t imagine his life without his furry pal by his side.

As we know already, mailmen tend to bond with the canines they get to meet on their route, and that’s exactly what helped this particular mailman to cope with the fact he would never see his dog again.

Of all the dogs that get to greet him while he’s on the job, one Golden Retriever named Moose seems to stole his heart. At first, Moose would only watch this mailman from the distance, but it looked like this incredible dog could feel the man needed some company, so he approached closer one day, and that’s how it all started.

As days passed by, Moose and the mailman became very good friends. Whenever Moose notices the mail truck approaching, he rushes towards the mailman wagging his tail in excitement.

The two became so close, that Moose would patiently wait for his new friend at the window, ready to treat him with licks and hugs.

Moose’s owner noticed how her dog and the mailman enjoy each other’s company and she thought it was very cute. So one day, she decided to put their lovely interaction on tape.

The video of the new friends soon went viral all for the right reasons; it is beyond adorable.

What’s most, it has been seen more than a million times from people from all around the world.

Sweet Moose filled this man’s heart with joy and played a vital role in helping him overcome the loss of his dog.

The best thing is that the friendship between these two is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Many people took their time to share their thoughts.

“Dogs are such sensible animals. They know when someone needs love,” one person wrote.

Another added, “I believe that the dog is doing something more than just playing, after hearing that the mailman recently lost his dog.”

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below. It’s cute beyond words!

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