Mailman Caught on Camera Surprised Owner Of How He Treated His Dogs

These homeowners are surprised at how their mailman treats their dogs.


He didn’t know that he was caught on camera…

Who says mailmen and dogs can’t be friends? This story will prove you wrong! In Texas, a mailman had been around doing his rounds as usual when he approached a house gate. The property was owned by Aaron Sanchez and his family, who saw him approaching their gate through their surveillance feed.

The mailman had no idea that he was being watched and came in front of their house gate. Then he started to pet and greet the Sanchez’s family dogs, who saw him coming and enthusiastically lined up one by one in front of the gate. All of the dogs welcomed his affection and even responded to it by wagging their tails.

The mailman gave each of the dogs equal amounts of affection, even to one of the dogs who was the furthest from the gate. After making sure that all of the dogs were satisfied, he proceeded to continue on his way.

According to Aaron, this was not the first time that he saw this happen and that the mailman was new around his neighborhood but still spared some time out of his busy schedule to say hello to his dogs. Aaron found it so touching that he decided to share it on his Twitter account.

The post quickly went viral and garnered more than 100,000 views on Twitter. This indeed proves that your local mailman can be friends with your family dogs, even when no one is watching nearby!


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