Lucky Elderly Man Is Greeted Every Day By An Unlikely “Friend” Who Crawls Out Of The Ice

This truly unique friendship will melt your heart.


He and the otter soon became fast friends!


This is the story of an elderly man who has successfully struck up an adorable friendship with a rare animal to befriend – an otter!

Straight from the frozen waters, the hungry otter spotted the man living on his own in a house near where he nested, and wondered if he had some food to spare.

Seppo Laamanen, who was aged 65 then, befriended Iivari the otter after he shared some food with it. The pair soon became inseparable ever since he appeared at Seppo’s doorstep back in 2011. Seeing that the poor otter was small and malnourished, Seppo fed him and worms and fish to satisfy his hunger.

The adorable otter repaid his kindness by visiting Seppo at his home everyday in Punkaharju, eastern part of Finland.

The elderly man who had successfully befriended a friendly otter in the woods near his home, loves to spend some quality time outdoors with the animal while both enjoying the fresh air, as well as the surrounding nature at the same time.

The man treasures his time with the wild otter, remarking that it was one of the happiest moments in his lifetime.

Their friendship continued from that day onwards. Although Livari was a undomesticated animal, he was always very gentle one around Seppo. He would even sit next to him on the porch, or run around his home to warm himself up. Livari continues to visit Seppo year after year, even today – what a beautiful bond they both share!

Watch their friendship happen in the video below!

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