`Lucky’ Baby monkey Survives Electric Pole Electrocution

Truly incredible!


This monkey is truly lucky indeed!

In Mumbai, India, one female baby monkey had thankfully survived a nasty shock caused by a high voltage electric pole located in Mulund. It had been climbing on top of it before the incident happened. The monkey had now been rescued by a local animal rights group and given an appropriate name – `Lucky’.

Just two days ago, the rescue had received an SOS phone call from a Mulund resident who was living near the Thane range forest. Reports reflected that a baby monkey had suffered visible burns and was crying out in pain since being electrocuted. Local volunteers rushed to the spot to where the monkey was, and carefully took ferried the ape to the clinic of Dr Deepa Katyal in Chembur. It had sustained multiple burn injuries on its face, chest and leg area. Pawan Sharma, founder of Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW), went on to add that Lucky is now safe, and has recovered from most of its injuries.

Watch the video below!

Sharma also stressed the importance of upholding animal safety. She added: “This latest monkey rescue highlights a pressing need for our city (Mumbai) to have a rescue transit facility, to manage wildlife-human conflicts. Many wild animals, including leopards, come out of the forest areas into the city, leading to them getting hurt or injured. Our forest department must also cooperate in setting up of a transit medical facility for such animals.”

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