Little Tara Is Crushed When Her Owner Goes Off To College, So Daddy Invents A Lovely Cure

When Annie went off to college, her adorable Shih Tzu, Tara, was devastated. She would stand outside Annie’s bedroom door, hoping her best friend would appear. That’s when Annie’s dad decided he needed to cure Tara’s depression, and he had the best idea!


Annie Shi went to college and had to live her adorable pup named Tara home with her parents to take care of her.

The little pup, however, was left all puzzled, wondering why her owner wasn’t there any longer.

Annie’s father could see how devastated Tara felt, so he came with the best idea ever that would cheer her up.

Tara would try to ease her sorrow by sneaking into Annie’s room, curling up on her bed and taking naps among the clothes and the pillows. She would take any chance to get inside, but recently, something changed. Even when the door was open, Tara avoided getting in the room. That’s when her human daddy realized she was way too sad and he had to change that.

He converted his daughter’s place into his office. So whenever Tara would get inside, she wouldn’t feel alone. He was going to be her company.

After doing this, Tara started spending time in the room again, and she seemed a bit happier. She knew there are other people in the house who loved her the same way as her favorite person, Annie.

It’s amazing how Annie knows there are other motives behind this solution her daddy came up with.

“It might be because he misses me too,” she said.

The good thing is that this way, neither Tara, nor Annie’s dad are alone while Annie is away from home. They have each other’s company and feel less sad.

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