Little girl testifies against her abuser. When he walks in, she gives her deaf dog a signal

When children are asked to stand trial in a court of law, the experience can tend to be very traumatic for them.

If a child is asked to stand trial in a court of law, the experience can be very traumatic.  The K9 Circuit Program was developed as a way to provide support to kids that are testifying, they are some of the most incredible dogs. 
Courtrooms are frightening and intimidating so no matter what your age you will become a little anxious if you need to get on the stand.
When a child is asked to speak out against someone who has already wronged them, which is hard, no matter how old you are.

In some cases, they may even want to sidestep the questions to avoid embarrassment or fear.

Joanne Rittenhouse knows this feeling all too well and works as a therapy dog handler to help these children.

They provide necessary security during these difficult situations. There is one dog named Karl who was born deaf and was able to learn American sign language.

Karl is one of the best companions that a child could have. We can see how lucky we are to have had a chance to meet him. We nice to see that someone has taken the time to consider the needs of these children.  

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