Litter of Puppies With Bloated Bellies and Protruding Ribs Dumped in Trash Can

Thankfully, someone spotted them before it was too late.


One man found himself in the right place at the right time and that led to one of the most incredible rescue stories we’ve stumbled upon recently.

Namely, as Shane Porter was doing his job as a Georgia Power lineman that day, he passed by a trash can. That’s when he and one of his co-workers noticed a litter of puppies. They rushed to help them as the little guys already managed to get out of the trash can and headed towards a pond.

“As I got my hands on this one a gentleman showed up behind us with this one in his hands wrapped up in a jacket and said he had just pulled all three of them out of the dumpster around the pond over there,” Porter shared. “He could only get his hands around this one. Those two ran off.”

Luckily, they had a package of Vienna sausages that they used to coax the last pup.

Once in their hands, Porter and his colleague put the puppies in the back of their truck where they fell asleep and took them to the nearest rescue center.

The story was initially shared by The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia who took the puppies in. “This morning, two Georgia Power linemen rescued three puppies out of a DUMPSTER in the freezing rain. They were covered in filth, their ribs protruding around their bloated bellies, and frightened beyond belief.”

If it wasn’t for these workers, who knows what would have happened to the cute puppies. Sadly, they were forced to go through an ordeal early in life, but we hope that won’t prevent them from finding their happiness in the days to come.

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