19 Photos of Animals Getting Cozy with Camera Gear


Some of the most popular wildlife photos on 500px have happened when the photographer stepped away from their camera and let the animals take over.

From a red squirrel seeking the cozy shelter of a massive lens hood, to adorable meerkat camera assistants, to an owl that is NOT impressed with the GoPro Hero trying to take its portrait, here are 19 of our favorite images of wildlife getting cozy with camera equipment.

1.Seems as good a place as any to take a breather and enjoy a peanut.
2.What are you lookin’ at!?Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear2
3.May I?Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
4.Changing settings can be a real pain when you don’t have opposable thumbs…Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
5.Close enough?Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
6.Most adorable camera assistants.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
8.Hero down! Puffin to the rescue.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
9.Well… they’re not getting that camera back.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
10.Trying out a film SLR for the first time can be pretty scary.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
11.Group shot!Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
12.Striking a pose with her new camera.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
13.Not sure if he wants to take my photo… or eat me.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
14.Squirrely image stabilization.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
15.Seems a bit… smug, doesn’t he?Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
16.Patiently waiting for that perfect shot.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
17.Lining up the shot… Kingfisher style.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
18.I’m sure he’s just checking the lens for scratches.Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1
19.Gimme!Animals-Getting-Cozy-with-Camera-Gear1To see more photos of wildlife — both behind and in front of the lens — check out the 500px’s Editors’ Choice Animal photos or click here to browse through some adorable photos of foxes frolicking in the snow.

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