Golden Lion Battles Pack of Hyenas in Crazy Nature Video

Watch one of nature's fiercest predators in a fight for its life.


Even the great king of the jungle needs someone in his life who will have his back in desperate situations. The great lion Rio found himself surrounded by a pack of over twenty vicious hyenas he was desperately trying to chase away. As they started approaching closer, they could sense the fear in their prey’s eyes, because he was all alone.

The dramatic footage was posted by BBC Earth and it kept people waiting for the ending in anticipation, eager to understand Rio’s fate. And as everyone assumed he would end up in the arms of his enemies, his friend Tatu came to his rescue.

It’s an amazing footage showing the power of friendship between animals of the same kind. The way these pals celebrate the victory will stun you. Take a look at the ending in the video below.

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