Lifeless And Heartbroken Goat Refuses To Eat For 6 Days, Then Rescuers Discover Why He’s So Depressed


The story of a rescue goat’s love for his closest friend will melt your heart.

For 10 years, a goat named Mr. G and a donkey named Jellybean lived together in neglect “on the property of a woman who could barely care for herself, let alone the dozens of dogs she hoarded and three barnyard animals,” Animal Place stated.

When Mr. G arrived at Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch in Grass Valley, California, he was a wreck. The poor little goat refused to eat, could not be cheered up and simply laid down in the corner of his stall with his head drooped down.

Special treats wouldn’t even work with the sweet little goat. He wouldn’t budge nor would he eat. His loss of appetite lasted for six long days.

Mr. G hopped up, snorting and sniffing. They headed out to the pasture and began bonding again.


Finally, Mr. G began to eat. Not only did he eat, he dined from his buddy Jellybean’s bowl.

Blessedly, Jellybean will remain at Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch and the pair will be together for as long as they graze this earth. People are astonished to discover that two totally different animals are such great friends.


“Never doubt the depth of emotions other animals possess,” Animal Place wrote. “Mr. G’s grief was as deep and mysterious as a human’s. His joy at reuniting with Jellybean was as beautiful and inspiring as a human’s.”

The rescue center says the two will remain together from now on.

Watch the video above to see what happened next. Just be sure to have a couple of tissues handy.

What a beautiful story! Watch the pair in action as they reunite after being separated.

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