Leopard Ambushes And Pounces On Dog, But It Started Fighting Back

What was captured on camera here is just unreal.


You would never have expected this!

In Jaipur, India, in the midst of a leisurely stroll along a mud track located in Jhalana Forest Reserve, something rare and unexpected has happened. The reserve has became a well-known Leopard Safari park since March 2017. A young 2-year-old leopard had been spotted by safari park visitors alone on the trails – and it was not alone. Turns out, a stray dog who had been living nearby was there, too. The two animals seemed to have an air of hostility in the middle of Rajasthan forest, not knowing that tourists were there filming and taking photos of them.

Between the roads from Panther Jhopa to the Kaali Mata Temple where the stray dog lived, Juliet the leopard was pictured in a brawl with the canine. At first, the leopard’s swift attack seemed to have some effect on the dog, sending it a few steps backwards. But the leopard did not expect the dog to defend itself.

Ved Prakash, driver of the gypsy which ferried the tourists, recalls the incident: “It was barely some minutes since our vehicle came to a halt on the track on sighting the leopard. We were excited at our luck, but didn’t realize that more adventure was in store for us. Suddenly, the dog came limping down the track in a friendly gesture. Upon getting no response from us, it curled itself up in front of our vehicle, unaware that the leopard was around.”

The leopard had been hiding in a bush located about 10 feet away, and launched a pounce attack towards the dog. The canine stopped in its tracks. Even if its tail was in between its legs, the dog disregarded its fear and started to bark bravely at the leopard. It was a success, and the leopard was then seen retreating back into the bushes. Meanwhile, local safari guides have escorted the stray dog safely out of the park, and of harm’s way.

Watch the whole scene in the video below!

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