Dog Living at Garbage Dump Begged Passersby to Take Him Home but No One Would

Whenever a car would pass by, he tried jumping inside hoping someone would let him stay.


He wanted one so badly…

At a garbage dump in Corum, Turkey, one dog would do anything to get of his unfortunate plight. His name was Hercules, and he would recognize every car of all the visitors who would come to the landfill to feed the stray dogs there. If he saw a car, he would run over to it and place his front paws on the car window, begging for someone to take him home with them. Unfortunately, Hercules wasn’t the only dog to be abandoned at this very landfill.

With 800 other strays living there, competition is tough. The cold temperatures and limited excess to food or clean water, making survival there extremely difficult. A rescue organization called Rescuers Without Borders (RWB) tries their best to help these dogs by giving them not only food and clean water, but also proper vaccinations and even transportation to the U.S where suitable dogs will be placed into their forever homes along with help of a local Turkish woman named Gocke Erdogan.

As the RWB and Erdogan do not have enough resources to help every dog, they had to prioritize puppies and senior dogs, who have the lowest chance of survival in such harsh conditions.

Hercules didn’t belong to either category and was generally healthy, so he wasn’t immediately selected for adoption. But after seeing his desperation, they decided to grant his wish.

A Illinois-based RWB volunteer named Amanda Cunefare was found to be the perfect candidate, as she had also adopted a 10 year old dog named Dudas from the same landfill. Dudas was actually best friends with Hercules when they were at the landfill. Since Dudas’ departure, Hercules had not been faring well on his own and missed her dearly.

After knowing the strong friendship between Dudas and Hercules, she decided to adopt Hercules as a part of her family.

In May 2018, Hercules arrived safely in the U.S and came to live with Cunefare, meeting Dudas there. The pair instantly recognized each other and started to play together. From that day onward, the two were inseparable, just like how they were when they were still at the landfill.

Cunefare has adopted 4 more dogs from the landfill since Hercules’ arrival and couldn’t be any happier with her extended family. Cunefare, who has been rescuing dogs for 13 years stated that the former landfill dogs are all housebroken and are even more well-behaved than her 3 dogs from the U.S.

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