Labrador puppy was about to be euthanized until a vet made a miracle rescue

He was born with a deformity and set to be euthanized...


Stories like this teach as that being different isn’t that bad. Many times people and animals who have been deemed outcast by the society turned into valuable members of that same group and proved everyone wrong. The only thing needed for this to happen is a bit of love, kindness, and words of comfort.

When puppy Bronson was born, he somehow didn’t fit the litter because of his condition. He was born with a deformity known as a cleft palate that prevented him from nursing, and the owners though the only thing they could do was for the poor baby to be euthanized.

This could have easily happened if it wasn’t for an angel that entered this puppy’s life. A vet tech who is an Imgur user and goes by the name of KaffeKalle on Reddit, took Bronson – she gave him this name- under her wing. She was fully aware that almost all of the animals born with this condition eventually die of starvation, unable to suckle milk from their mothers because of the roof in the mouth, especially if it affects the hard or soft palate.

April 29, 2015

This young lady was determined to not let go of the baby she grew so fond of.

The cleft palate.

When he was taken at the vet’s office, other vet technicians convinced the family to give the puppy to KaffeKalle so that she could foster hum.

Missing his mama

The vet fed Bronson with a tube for a week when she realized that the puppy responded to the method pretty well. It was then when she knew there was a chance for him to pull through.

Tube feeding.

Because of the strict feeding schedule, KaffeKalle would take Bronson with her at work so she could feed him. The puppy started grow stronger only because of the love and the devotion this vet provided him with. She simply fell in love with Bronson and decided to adopt him.

7 weeks old

The two friends became inseparable and never left each other’s side. KaffeKalle took him with her everywhere she went. He would accompany her to work – where he got to swim in his own puppy pool!

Water pupper.

His condition was severe but by the time he turned one year old, the cleft palate grew closer together and he was ready to undergo the much needed surgery.

(Here is a picture of how Bronson’s face grew crooked)


As everyone hoped, the surgery went well, and Bronson is now living a much better life, able to eat by himself. The two are looking forward to a nice life ahead along with the rest of Bronson’s furry siblings.


If it wasn’t for KaffeKalle who simply couldn’t imagine for the baby dog to be euthanized, Bronson would never know what it meant to be loved and cared for. This vet has a heart of gold, and if everyone follows her example, there won’t be so many strays on the streets with no one by their side to show them what happiness is.

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