Kittens Were Orphaned, But One Three-Legged Pit Bull Takes Over

Oh my gosh, so adorable.


You would have never expected this to happen!

Meet Bella, a three-legged pit bull who truly has a heart of gold. Already known for her gentle nature which was evident by her befriending rescued piglets, Bella is now fostering a litter of kittens who are waiting to be adopted! She  voluntarily stepped in as a surrogate mother in order to be there for them, which wows us all.

Bella the 5-year-old pit bull was seen playing and taking care of the kittens, named after the Rugrats – Tommy, Chuckie, Phillip and Lillian. Bella usually keeps a watchful eye over them as they frolic around and play with one another. Even when the playful and feisty kittens try to grab her tail, Bella remains as gentle as ever, proving her breed’s stereotype of having a vicious nature to be untrue.

Bella’s owner, Grace Kuhn, is very proud of her dog Bella.“She is such a gentle dog and has befriended animals of all types of species before. My fiance David and I used to live on a farmed animal sanctuary in California, and she was the unlikely friend to many of the animals who resided there,” Kuhn remarked happily.

After playtime, the kittens usually take a nap – and snuggle up against Bella for comfort. This proves that not all cats and dogs fight and do not get along. Bella has also duly made sure that the kittens are well-adjusted to domesticated life and ready – to go to new forever homes. The 4 kittens would be put up for adoption in roughly two weeks, via The Frederick Animal Control and Adoption Center located in Maryland.

Watch their story unfold in the video below!

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