Kitten With Flea Infestation Gets Relief After Bath

Kitten covered in bitting fleas, could hardly move his body - gets 'sweet relief' when they dip him in


Fleas are commonly feared as they are a source of infectious and agonizing torment for both cats and their owners. They are especially rampant in grassy areas, and could even be found in your carpets if they were kept unclean. Known as the common cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis felis, nest in the moist and furry hides of our felines – and that often spells trouble. Unfortunately, when left untreated or poor managed, the consequences of flea infestations would be terribly uncomfortable for cats and can even become the source of many deadly diseases for some. But because flea bites tend to cause cases of horrible itching, incessant scratching and even open wounds in the skin, a medicated bath is often required to sooth the itch and pain – and that is what one kitten greatly needed.

To help curb the flea infestation, the kitten’s owner submerges the lower half of his feline’s body in a gentle and slow manner with both his hands, and the color of the water starts to changed. Fleas started to jump out on by one, and he scrubs the kitten’s body with medicated soap to get the rest out. First the body, then the neck and finally the kitten’s head. The man finishes the bath by scooping some water to wash the soap off, without any struggle from the seemingly very calm feline. In fact, the little kitten even seems to enjoy the bath himself!

Watch the sweet kitten in the video below!

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