Kitten Starts Drinking From A Bottle — But Listen To The Sound She’s Making

Turn your volume up... Oh my goodness!!!


This might be the most adorable cat video you’ve seen recently. Watching tiny cats drinking milk from a bottle is super cute, but this one is quite special because of the crazy sounds it makes while licking a tiny bottle. We don’t really know what is there inside, but we guess it’s a catnip.

It’s well known how this plant affects cats. Cat owners often joke how it is a drug for their pets. If they get to sniff it they may end up with bugged-out eyes, they are likely to roll around and feel a brief and hilarious sense of disorientation along with strange meowing.

Image Credit: ignoramusky / YouTube

This particular cat makes us burst out laughing because of her unusual meowing. And it’s quite cute how she hold the bottle with her tiny paws all by herself.

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