Kind-Hearted Officer Finds Stray Puppy And Refuses To Leave Her Side

He wasn’t going to leave her until he made sure she was okay. But that's not all he did. ❤


Most police officers would go above and beyond their call of duty and cop Kareem Garibaldi from Florida’s Lakeland Police Department isn’t an exception.

This kind-hearted man had no idea that the word of his act of kindness would spread all around the country as all he hoped for was to help an animal in need.

When he stumbled upon the puppy that seemed to be lost, Garibaldi took her home, fed her, and gave her a place to sleep. He spent the next day looking for her owners, but to no avail. After all, the puppy was a stray. So, after his 12-hour night shift, Garibaldi took the puppy to the SPCA Animal Medical Center for a check-up.

When the shelter’s safety net manager, Connie Johnson, saw the two friends waiting together he thought it was a sight worth sharing.

“It was an incredible touching moment when I walked in and saw the officer and the puppy sleeping,” Johnson said. “It was apparent they were both totally exhausted. He was trying so hard to stay awake but since he came in as a walk in, there were several patients ahead of him. The puppy… was just as tired as he was. It was apparent that she felt secure and safe though. “

After the thorough check-up that lasted around 3 hours, vets told Garibaldi how the puppy was perfectly healthy.

Not knowing what to do, Garibaldi brought the dog back to the police station. And then, something truly awesome happened.

One of the dispatchers fell in love with the cute dog and decided to take her in. She was named Hope and is now living her life to the fullest all thanks to officer Garibaldi who didn’t leave her side when she needed it the most.