Kids Help Save Creature Trapped In Underground Pipe

The two girls immediately ran for help after hearing the muffled sounds. Since the crying was coming from beneath the dirt - it was obvious time was ticking.


When you live on a farm there are a lot of interesting things that can take place – just like what happened to a group of kids one day in Victoria, southeast Australia. Out of nowhere the owner’s daughter and her friend began hearing cries of distress from what sounded like a lamb. But what made it even more peculiar was that they were coming from underground! So quickly they told the adults and the other kids on the farm – and everyone gathered in the location near the sounds.


After digging they discovered a large metal pipe underneath the dirt. It was obvious that’s where the creature was trapped, so the next step was trying to get inside. Mom filmed while the youngsters tried to pry it open with crowbars. The girls were able to get a peek of the lamb and could tell that it was black or brown – and was definitely alive. However, the pipe was too strong for their efforts. It would have to be cut all the way in order to rescue the little guy.


The kids then backed up while the pipe was sliced open with an electric tool. This allowed them to finally be able to open it up – and sure enough, there was something dark and furry inside… Mom exclaims, “It’s a baby lamb!” The poor thing was wet, but they carefully were able to get him out before it was too late. Mom records all the kids together at the end who will never forget “Operation Save Lamb.” Although it’s unclear how he got there in the first place – it’s incredible that the lamb was saved! Watch the video below to see the awesome rescue for yourself.

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