Judge Is Fed Up With Man Who Tortured His Dog, Gives Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine


We see cases of animal abuse on a daily basis.  Back in 2013 a 2 year old female pit bull became the face for awareness of animal abuse.  When you hear her story you’ll know why.

The 2-year-old unidentified female pit bull named “Puppy Doe” was found inches from death on a playground in Massachusetts. Rescuers on first on the scene found the sweet pup severely abused, starving and tortured. She was so skinny, she weighed half of what a normal pit bull her age should.  Her abuse was so horrific that vets found fractures, burns and stab wounds too numerous to count. Her owner even sliced her tongue to make it appear “serpent-like”.

“In addition to being starved and beaten on many occasions, causing fractures to the head and body,  she appears to have undergone some kind of crude cutting to create a serpent-like split to her tongue,” a representative of the Animal Rescue League said to  Boston.com.

The sweet pup’s injuries were so severe; she didn’t survive. “She could not be saved,” a statement read.

The DA in Norfolk was concerned that there were other victims and that this suspect was showing a level of sadistic cruelty that would be used on more than one animal or perhaps even weaker people.

“We need to find the person who did this and see what else they are doing,” he said before the suspect was apprehended.

Radoslaw Czerkawski, the owner of the dog, was apprehended. Sadly, this wasn’t his first run in with the law.  He previously served 3-5 years for stealing over $100,000 from an elderly woman he was caring for.

The judge wasn’t taking this case lightly.  He sentenced the coward to 8-10 years in prison, with 2 years probation and banned him from EVER coming in contact with animals.  One more thing he didn’t leave out was deporting Czerkawski back to Poland.


“Since the tragic and horrific story of “Puppy Doe” broke back in 2013 and her sadistic torture and murder received worldwide media attention, we have received countless messages from hundreds of people on how her story forever changed their lives, forever changed their feelings on animal abuse. This story for many of us was a real eye-opener. Many of us did not really know this type of thing could happen especially in our own backyards!”

Puppy Doe quickly became the face of animal abuse. She was the cause for stricter laws on animal abuse, she brought awareness to the dangers of using Craigslist to give animals away.  She brought awareness for other dogs and animals that live with abuse everyday.

This is tragic that in today’s world this even happens, but Puppy Doe’s death will not be in vain.  She will always be remembered and loved.

Do you feel our animal abuse laws are too lenient or finally in line with the crime?


What do you think ?