Jogger Defends Herself Against Dog Attack Only To Be Bitten By Dog’s Owner

A jogger defended herself against a dog attack only to be later bitten by the dog’s owner.


A woman from Oakland was jogging when she was attacked by one of the dogs of the 19-year-old Alma Cadwalader. The incident occurred at Goldenrod Trail between Chabot Equestrian Center and the Oakland City Stables. The jogger tried to defend herself from the dog with a pepper spray, after which Cadwalader run away together with her pets.

East Bay Regional Parks PD

However, shortly after the attack took place, the jogger returned to the scene and saw Alma with her two dogs, a medium-sized tan colored dog, and a black rottweiler mix. According to what the victim told East Bay Regional Park District Police Department, Cadwalader bit her on the forearm and left her with a bloody mark.

The police asked from the onlookers to help them identify the attacker, and this Friday they were finally able to track Alma down. She has been charged for physical attack and is currently detained in jail.

Apparently, dogs are only aggressive when their owners show that type of behavior in front of them. If they are taken good care of and are taught that attacking other animals or humans is not appropriate they would never dare to hurt another living being.

We hope Alma will be also charged for animal neglect.

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