Jealous Dog Determined To Keep Grandma’s Attention, Stops At Nothing To Prevent Her From Holding New Baby.


Grammy was just trying to pick up her precious grandbaby, but the family’s dog was not about to be left out.

“C’mon Grammy, pick the baby up,” an off-camera voice cajoles the grandmother, sandwiched on a couch between an infant and flailing dog.

Flopped on its back, the dog wraps its arms around her elbow and forearm several times, implying a good scratch on the chest is definitely in order.

“I don’t know why you can’t pick the baby up,” the off-camera voice chides.

People cannot get enough of this hilarious clip and the dog’s face.

Watching this hilarious pup keep a hold of grammy’s arm will make you laugh so hard. This pup is not willing to let go of his spot as the family’s baby! Oh my stars the laughter is just spilling out of me. This is too great!

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