An Inspiring Ex-Bait Dogo Argentino Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

The last photos that were taken … so many tears.


The Dogo Argentino’s past never deterred him.

Oogy is a Dogo Argentino who was used as a bait dog in dog-fighting back in his puppy hood. He was found severely injured and missing an ear, which showed deep scars riddling his face. He had been hurt but kept in a cage without food or water for at least 5 days before he was found by local authorities. His future owner, Larry Levin, would learn about his tragic past later on.

Levin and his then 12-years-old twins, were taking their elderly and terminally ill cat to the vet hospital for euthanization. Oogy was in the same hospital, tugging on his leash while on a walk with hospital staff. As soon as he saw the twins, the dog broke free from his leash, knocks down one of them and begun licking him as a friendly greeting!

The family were instantly smitten with Oogy, and asked about him. They were then told about his horrific ordeal, and learned that the poor dog was homeless. They adopted him, and the rest was history.

He even inspired Larry to write a book titled ‘Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love’. Oogy’s story helped raise awareness about the horrors of dog fighting and inspired many others to face challenges in life with courage and love like the dog did.

Watch Oogy’s story in the video below:

After thirteen blissful years together with him, Oogy’s family suddenly announces that their beloved canine has indeed, passed away. Rest in peace, Oogy.

Levin wrote on Facebook: “We covered Oogy with kisses. He kissed us back. This morning, I fed Oogy a bison filet. I put moisturizer on his big fat nose and drops in his eyes so they wouldn’t itch, just like I do every day, and I put his warm orange coat on him, the one that Linda gave him, and we went for a ride. He was 100 years old and kept our spirits up through the whole ordeal but he’s gone from us. He didn’t suffer.”

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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