Incredible Rescue of Two Clydesdales Taken Out of Frozen Lake With Chainsaws

What an incredible rescue.


Most of the stories involving animal rescue that we stumble upon are about stray cats and dogs, but this time, we have an incredible story about two Clydesdales that escaped from Quiet Valley Living Historic Farm in Pennsylvania and found themselves in big trouble.

Unfortunately, as they were running over a frozen lake around a mile from the farm, Gunther and Wilhelm fell in the freezing water.

Luckily, one person spotted them struggling to get out of the water through his binoculars and immediately called for help.

Firefighter came to the scene at no time, but the horses who weighted around 1500 pounds couldn’t be lifted because they were very far from the shore. The quick-thinking rescuers came with a plan to cut a path through the ice that led to the shore using chainsaws. The horses managed to follow the path and were soon taken to safety.

“With the dedication of Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder, Stroud Township Fire Company, Shawnee Fire Company, Wind Gap Fire Company, Northeast Search and Rescue, Portland PA Fire Company, Cross River Veterinarians, Quiet Valley Staff and Volunteers, and countless neighbors lending boats and towels the horses were rescued,” the farm posted.

Besides being wet and very cold, the two Clydesdales didn’t suffer any injuries and rushed to eat the hay. Neighbors gathered around and offered warm blankets and heaters. The farm kept people who were interested about the state of the horses updated writing they were doing perfectly fine.

The staff at the farm are trying to prevent other horses from escaping by building a double fence. “They are also grounded for the foreseeable future: no after hours romps, girlfriends, cell phones, etc.,” posted the farm.

You can take a look at the incredible rescue in the video below.

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