It’s impossible to look at these 15 photos and not want a dog


All they want is to love you and show you affection. They’re there for you during your breakup, or when you come home from a long day at work. Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Who wouldn’t want a lovable, furry companion that will never abandon you and loves you exactly for who you are?
Not only do they comfort us, but they also make us laugh and love. It’s almost impossible to look at these pictures and not want to adopt. Here’s 15 pictures of dogs being themselves and showing that they’re just as good as people are.

They get themselves into tight situations they can’t get out of.

They make a mess and don’t clean

They have other friends of all different shapes and sizes.
Cat and dog

They’ll hold you when you need it most.cute-dogs-hugging-humans-4-e1443207256967

They’ll love you through thick and thin.homeless-dogs

They’ll dress up with us.pug-and-owner-1404364112

They can pose for that totally candid shot with you.dogs-handshaking-with-humans-5

They love babies!baby-064

They also have

They don’t realize it when they’ve grown up.xx-before-and-after-dogs-growing-up-6__880

They’re the perfect baby cradle.cute-big-dogs-and-babies-12

They don’t mind play doctor.agg2

They love to play sports.timthumb

They love to

And you can always count on themdog-and-human

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