Husky Loses All 4 Paws In A Horrific Act Of Cruelty, But Veterinarian Helps Him Walk Again

This 7-year-old Siberian Husky didn't have any paws when two men dropped him off at a vet clinic and ran away, but watch what happened next...


The story of Da Hei, a Siberian Husky from China might be one of the most heartwarming animal rescue stories. This dog is a symbol of the failure of humanity to treat animals with dignity and at the same time a symbol of endurance and determination to continue living and fighting and experiencing happiness once again.

When Da Hei was dropped in front of Dr. Liu’s vet’s office, he couldn’t believe the sight. The dog was missing all four of his feet. The doctor’s heart broke into million pieces when he realized the horror this poor creature went through. He had his limbs torn off on purpose by some cruel monsters. He simply couldn’t believe there are people out there who would do something so brutal and savage.

Dr Liu was determined to make this dog wag its tail again and he didn’t only want for Da Hei to survive but to have a quality life. Describing the dog as a “survivor” the kind doctor asked a prosthetic factory from Beijing for help. The final result was four artificial legs that would hopefully help Da Hei walk properly again.

The process of adapting to his ‘new’ legs wasn’t easy because it took time, patience and pain, but Da Hei eventually started walking again.

Dr. Liu’s assistant Mr. Zhu recalls: “It wasn’t an easy process for Da Hei. I know for him sometimes walking was painful because the prosthetics weren’t adjusted right. But he was really brave. I kind of admire him.” 

Dr. Liu took the dog in and gave him a forever home, because if it wasn’t for him who knows how and where would Da Hei end up. This lovely Siberian Husky is the first dog in China to receive artificial limbs.

Check out the whole story in the video below.

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