Husky Attempts To Act Tough With Baby, But Rolls Over With Joy When Baby Treats Him With Hugs

Dad can't help but give it a good laugh here!


Nothing is cuter than dogs and babies growing up together and sharing precious moments every step of the way.

Having a four-legged pal by your child’s side, you know they will turn into humans who will know how to express their love, share things with others, and be responsible and compassionate. These are just the small number of things and traits youngsters get from their dogs, and honestly, the list is endless.

If done the right way, the first encounter between babies and dogs can turn into a friendship that will last forever. Parents just have to make sure that neither the little bundle of joy, nor the dog feel neglected.

Just take a look at the bond between this Siberian Husky and his human sibling. We can say right away that these two can’t even spend an hours not being at each other’s side.

The dog tries to act tough at first, but the baby’s hugs melt his huge heart instantly and he just goes for it and lets his emotions flow all over the place.

The daddy filming the whole thing can’t help but laugh. He knows his baby is a happy one having such companion like this sweet and loving Husky in his life.

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