People tied their dogs up and abandoned them to die in storm. The photos are heart-wrenching


Hurricane Harvey brought out the best and worst in some.

When natural disasters occur, it is common for people to leave their pets behind as they evacuate. Even if their owners brought them to animal shelters, they often would not accept pets, leaving the owners with no choice but to leave them behind.

When Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas, many dogs were left behind by their families – like this pair of dogs shown below. These two dogs were left behind on a family boat but were later rescued by some family friends and volunteers.

These two dogs were fortunate. Their family obviously cared about them and decided to leave them on their family boat, which was probably the safest place they could think of. Other dogs however, were not so lucky.

A few dogs, like this dogs in this photo below, were simply left on the streets by their owners. This poor dog here was spotted tied up to a phone cable pole by a Daily Mail Reporter in Victoria, Texas. Thankfully, the reporter quickly untied the dog and brought him to safety.

Also in Victoria, another dog was found tied up to a tree. He was completely drenched and looked miserable. Later, reports stated that he had also been brought to safety by the volunteers.

There were some dogs that had simply been left behind and were not tied up, like this dog in this photo below. She had been found by some volunteers, desperately using her front legs to cling onto a road divider to prevent herself from drowning. She was also rescued and brought to safety.

However, not every family would simply leave their dogs behind. Many families did not want to leave their beloved canines behind and chose to carry them to safety by themselves, like this woman photographed below. Belinda Penn made sure that her dogs, Baxter and Winston, came with her when the rescuers evacuated her in Spring.

A couple named Kenneth and Minnie Bice also refused to leave their dogs behind and chose to sleep outside a rescue shelter so they could stay with them. The M.O. Campbell Red Cross Shelter in turn respected their decision and provided them with food, bedding, and blankets.

Thanks to the efforts of the rescue workers and volunteers, many pets were successfully rescued by carrying them onto boats or vehicles. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, neighbors and families also worked together to help each other get to safety.

Although Hurricane Harvey has brought out some of the worst, it has mostly brought out the good in people. The people of Texas reacted with compassion and went out their way to help when they see a person or a dog in need.


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