House cat begging his owner to let the ‘stray cat’ inside, then they realize it’s definitely not a stray cat

Wow ❤


This beautiful friendship is just another proof that cats will be cats. These two lovely felines seem to be really fond of each other. It’s very obvious they enjoy spending time together, but the problem is that they can only ‘interact’ with a glass door between them.

Why? Because one of them is a house cat and the other one is a bobcat. The ginger home cat tries to tell her owners how much she wants to be hanging out with her stray pal and doesn’t understand why they simply won’t let it in.

Since welcoming the wild cat inside is mission impossible, at least the friends get to paw at each other through the glass, which is exactly what they do when the bobcat pays the family a visit every now and then.

Check the adorable encounter in the video below and don’t forget to share it with a cat lover. Enjoy!

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