Emaciated Horse on the Brink of Death Gains Nearly 400 Pounds in Six Months Time

This incredible transformation will move you to tears.


When rescuers arrived at the farm where the horse named Benny was residing, their hearts broke into a million pieces. They all said how they had never seen such severe case of animal neglect before. Luckily, they were now there and could act to save the starved and malnourished animal.

The volunteers at the Last Stop Horse Rescue drove Benny at their place. They said how the horse only weighted 562 pounds, which is half of what a normal and a healthy horse should weight.

Benny’s rehabilitation started right off, and he had a long way ahead of him.

Although his chances were slim, everyone was hoping that the love and the dedication they showered him with every single day would help him pull through.

“We call Benny our ‘miracle boy'” his rescuers said.

In just six months time in the hands of the right people, Benny almost doubled his weight. 

His life is now filled with things that makes him happy, like munching on his favorite food and running around freely. 

Below is the full story about Benny’s incredible transformation and updates on his life two years after the rescue. 

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