Horse Shot & Pig Poisoned Overnight, Owner Claims Locals Disapprove Of Her Animal Rehab Ranch

This animal lover fears locals will force her to shut down her animal rescue and rehabilitation center. Let's raise our voices in her support.


Animal lover and animal advocate Jennifer Edwards runs the rescue and rehab center for animals in need called “14- Hands Ranch.” 

When she first started helping vulnerable animals by providing them with a shelter and everything they need in order to lead a fulfilling life, she was overjoyed. However, she didn’t know that the locals would disapprove of her place and show their frustration by hurting the poor animals. 

Just recently, one of Jennifer’s horses named Fielder was shot in the back, and one of the pigs, Snort, was poisoned. Luckily, both the animals survived but suffered pain and were left traumatized. 

Jennifer reported the case to the County Animal Control who took it to the authorities and asked for the wrongdoers to be charged with animal cruelty. 

Apparently, the locals fear that Jennifer’s animal sanctuary will trigger more traffic in the area and will commercialize the place. Jennifer, on the other hand, says she has no such intentions. Her only aim is for the animals to have a nice home and be safe and sound. But now, after the incident, she confesses that she fears for their life. 

After a short investigation, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has closed the case because they lacked evidence. 

But now, as many of the neighbors openly speak of how they want both Jennifer and her animals out of the area, she is left worried sick for their fate.

Take a look at the video below and share it with your friends. Let’s spread her story with the whole country and pray it will help for this amazing woman’s voice to be heard by other animal advocates who will help her keep the ranch open in the future. 

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