How This Horse Hugs His Owner Will Melt Your heart!

Phoenix loves his hugs and will do anything to get them.


This horse is just too cute!

For us humans, we have many ways of telling each other, either verbally or simply via gestures on how much we mean to one another. We can possibly have hundreds, or even thousands of ways to express feelings of thankfulness and love to our loved ones.

Yet, these sentiments cannot necessarily be easily communicated or even understood between animals, as their ways of expressing affection are vastly different from us. However, when these feelings wind up communicated effectively to us, it’ll touch our hearts as so – even more when you love the animal back! This can be said for the relationship between one horse and his owner.

Meet a horse named Phoenix, who is a three-year-old Friesian that shows his love in a fascinatingly lovable way! In the video, the horse is seen trying to nudge a woman closer to him. Thanks to his built and size, Phoenix is one surprisingly strong horse – and this causes the woman to stumble a little bit! There is also a mild look of confusion and amusement on her face.

Phoenix looks at the camera, bewildered by its presence. However, he then decides to try hugging his owner once again, nudging her close to him this time. By doing so, his owner understood his actions at that point, and reciprocates his affection by giving the gentle horse a hug back!

Watch Phoenix ask his owner for a hug in the video below!

While Phoenix’s owner explains that the horse “just loves hugs and kisses”, as per his usual routine. However, this loving action of his actually meant that his owner is a really special figure in his life! Isn’t it sweet of this horse to do so, though?

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