Horse Attends Owner’s Funeral, Catches His Scent And Breaks Down

The bond between these two friends is difficult to describe - they meant so much to each other!


Horses are known to be man’s best friend for years. Even nowadays, the bond between these magnificent creatures and their riders is a very special one as it is built on mutual respect and trust.

34-year-old man named Wagner Figueiredo from Brazil who was a horse rider his whole life died in a car accident. As his family mourned his passing they knew that Figueiredo’s horse named Cowboy was as sad and touched as they were.

On the day of the funeral, they made sure Cowboy was by his late owner’s side. But they never thought the horse’s heart-breaking reaction would be seen by millions of people.


At one moment, Cowboy approached the coffin and placed his muzzle against it. It was a very touching sight that left people in awe.

Who knew horses could show grief in such a way.


It was obvious that Cowboy was aware of his owner’s passing. He stamped and whinnied and was very upset.


“The horse meant everything to my brother. It felt like Cowboy realized what had happened and wanted to say goodbye at the funeral,” Wagner’s brother Wando told Globo.


Seeing this horse paying the last respect to his human best friend in such an emotional manner is really something unique and heart-breaking.