Family moves houses, and with the new home came a new family member

The note the new homeowners found contained an important detail about the house that the previous owners had neglected to mention.


When buying a new place for living, it may often happen that the previous owners leave something behind. It might be an object they don’t longer need, a piece of equipment, some old furniture, or even a furry baby they couldn’t take care of any longer.


A woman named Miranda and her family were over the moon knowing they would finally settle in their new home.

They were looking forward to their new life and were planning to fill the place with lots of unforgettable moments. What they didn’t expect, though, was for a new member of their family to be waiting for them in the new house. 


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The previous owners left a note in which they explained how there was an orange kitty in their backyard and how it was a feral cat that they have fed throughout the years. Now, they asked from Miranda to do the same. 

Although this came as a surprise, it didn’t take long before the new inhabitants agreed to take care of the cat.

“We immediately looked out the back sliding glass door and he was looking at us through the door.”

They named him Raz and made sure he had food and water at all times. Miranda and her husband already had five cats, so looking after another one that wouldn’t ever enter inside didn’t sound as it would require a lot of effort. 

“The house we lived in previously, people used to drop off their cats there and we took them in.”


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Raz never got too close to anyone from the house during the first couple of weeks, but to everyone’s surprise, that quickly changed. He started getting comfortable around Miranda over time. 

“He used to hide anytime we came to the door. Now we can sit outside with him. He will come up and eat now when the screen door is open, which he wouldn’t do before. He also now comes to the door and meows to let us know that he needs food.”

The family took care of the cat for a year before Raz got ill and passed away.

The family grieves for their sweet furry cat. He entered their life in an unexpected manner and made it more beautiful.

They buried Raz in the backyard; the place where he spent all his life.

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