Sick Stray Dog Kept Looking For Love Amongst Passersby, Gives Up And Cries All Alone

Poor Buzu’s life on the streets seemed to be an endless tunnel with no light of hope at sight. His health condition only got worse with each passing day and he just gave up of the thought of ever finding a home.


The poor pup had been homeless and afraid..

Meet Buzu, a poor stray pooch on the cold streets of Romania. All he wanted was to get the attention of pedestrians. However, most people ignored the poor stray dog. Buzu had formerly lived in a makeshift cardboard house where he would spent his days begging for food and affection. Buzu had previously received that box that came along with a cushion and a bowl of water by a donor.

But one day, all of that had vanished, leaving the distressed pooch with nothing. He had tried hard to make friends with passersby, especially those with dogs of their own. Buzu would even follow them to see if the owner had something for him to eat. His ears would also perk up whenever he heard loud voices.

The pup would follow people around quietly and despondently, but no one gave him the light of the day or did anything to help.

One rescue worker from an organization named ‘Howl of a Dog’ heard about Buzu, and followed him to where he slept for the night. Yet, she pitied the pup for everything he had gone through. The woman then fed Buzu some dog biscuits and petted him before quickly ferrying him back to the shelter.

His cardboard home had either been taken away or destroyed, and everyone avoided him because they feared that he was dirty and possibly carried bugs or diseases. The lack of love and attention had left poor Buzu horribly depressed.

His rescuers discovered that Buzu’s body was infested with fleas. Plus, the pup also had a minor skin problem. This was due to him being on the streets for too long without any hygiene maintenance, which caused some bald patches on his fur coat.

Buzu now awaits his loving forever home, and will be available for adoption sometime soon!

Watch Buzu’s story unfold in the video below!

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