Homeless Poodle Never Budged From An Alley – Until Rescuers Found Out Why


Yankee the Poodle almost given up on life.

On the streets of Los Angeles, a Poodle had been spotted wandering around the alleyways for quite some time. A good Samaritan alerted local animal rescue group Hope For Paws to assist the Poodle. Yankee only survived by eating scraps given by passer-bys or local residents. Yet, Yankee would never budge from where he was spotted – a corner of an alley.

When found, Yankee was extremely nervous. He was also frightened of human touch, but soon calmed down after some food was given to him. His rescuers were then successfully able to get a leash on him – but still, Yankee wouldn’t move!

But Yankee the Poodle wasn’t hurt – not even the slightest bit. He also seemed to have no visible health issues his rescuers could identify right away – until they realized what was wrong with Yankee. It was his mentality – Yankee had given up on life, and his rescuers were determined to reignite his desire to live once more.

Yankee was soon ferried to the local veterinarian for a medical check-up before he could visit the foster home Rescue From the Hart had very kindly provided.

Soon, Yankee was the beautiful Poodle he was meant to be. Yankee is also eagerly awaiting a forever home who would treasure him dearly! Interested parties may contact Rescue From the Hart directly.

Watch the story of Yankee below!

What a transformation this lucky Poodle faced! There are many others like Yankee out there – please stop by and call for help as you could save another life.

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