Homeless Dog Reunites With Long Lost Brother, Finds The Perfect Happy Ending

Their story is nothing short of a fairy tale.


The volunteers from “Hope for Paws” never cease to put a smile on our face whenever they share a successful rescue story with the world. If other people do for the stray and neglected animals just a tiny portion of what these people do, the world will become a better place. 

The organization got a call about two dogs who wandered the streets together. People knew them as Everest and Fuji. However, when the staff arrived at the place the dogs were reported to be staying, they only found one of them. 


Everest, a Newfoundland, was skinny and malnourished. But he was lucky enough to become part of a loving family that was willing to take him in. 

After a couple of months later, the workers found Fuji. He was in a better health condition compared to Everest at the time he was rescued. That was because two sisters made sure to keep him well fed. 

Fuji was spotted in the company of another dog in need of rescue. A Golden Retriever named Tai.  


Now the dogs were at a safe place, they needed to be placed in forever families. Tai and another dog of its breed were adopted together. As for Fuji, Eldad, the founder of the rescue organization, had a sweet surprise. He put the dog in his car and headed to Oregon to visit his pal Everest. The reunion of the two long lost brothers was so touching that they eventually ended up living together with the same family. 

It’s amazing how the kind-hearted people from”Hope for Paws” can do so much good for the animals in need. 

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