Homeless Dog Who Lived In A Parking Lot Travels 5,000 Miles To Her Forever Home


The number of homeless animals around the world is staggeringly high. Sadly, many cats and dogs live their entire lives on the streets.

It is estimated that in Romania alone, there are 1 to 1.5 million homeless dogs. Romania isn’t the best place for dogs given the very cold winters. That is no way for a dog to live!

Little Zuzi had been living in a parking lot when rescue organization Howl of a Dog found her. She was eating scraps and barely making it, surviving day to day.

Thanks to Howl of a Dog, Zuzi was able to find a forever home — 5,000 miles away from Romania in Canada. After sharing Zuzi’s heartbreaking story in Romania, a couple across the world decided to adopt her.

Zuzi is now a Canadian citizen, living with her humans Maddy and Michael. She gets to lie on the couch, go for walks to the park, and even goes for fun rides in their boat!

To help other dogs who are currently living lives like Zuzi was in Romania, you can donate to Howl of a Dog here!

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